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Al Ain Educational Investments (AAEI) deliver exceptional training, educational management and consultation services, providing innovative solutions and developing outstanding plans and programs tailored uniquely to the client. We work closely with our customers and stakeholders to achieve their aims and to help grow their businesses. With an emphasis on 21st-century skills, we support companies by providing training services to meet their needs.

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AAEI offers world-class workshops and highly effective training led by experts in their field.

We are internationally recognized and have teamed up with partners in the UAE, GCC region and worldwide to bring you and your teams the best training. Our professional development training provides practical expertise to develop the competencies you need to develop yourself and your organization further, enhancing your proficiency in the following key areas:

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Apple Professional Learning Provider
Apple Certified Support Professionals
Certified LEGO Education trainers
Certified by American Heart Association
ACTVET Certified First Aid trainers
ACTVET Certified Arabic Trainers

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Apple Professional Learning Provider

Apple Professional Learning Provider

Our team of APL Specialists scale innovative professional learning programs for educators, leaders and IT. They offer unique, world-class professional learning programs and have a shared vision and deep expertise to create impact. We leverage specialists to deliver a range of programs alongside job-embedded support within schools to help build capacity and help schools and organizations achieve their vision.



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The trainers were very knowledgeable. Everything was linked straight back to the classroom and I feel like I came away with lots of tips and techniques that can be immediately implemented. Thank you.