We provide training for educators and schools

Health & Safety

First aid training provides your staff with the confidence and capability to react immediately to an incident, injury or illness, and there are a number of benefits to such training, such as; faster response during an emergency, a reduction in workplace accidents, a more positive work environment and valuable life skills.

The outcomes of our courses will be a workforce who have the requisite knowledge and confidence to administer first aid.

Digital Learning

Mobile technologies and tools have transformed learning, harnessing the power, speed and regular use of digital integration. Learning in the classroom through digital means allows students a more personalized and accelerated learning experience. Mobile technologies can also encourage collaboration and communication as well as encourage students to engage in more creative and authentic learning experiences. 

The outcomes of all our mobile digital learning courses are to ensure that schools and teachers are able to integrate and use this technology effectively. Delegates will be learning from teachers who have been successful in transforming learning through these technologies. Each course will challenge delegates to redefine learning in their classroom and school as well as be able to effectively measure the impact of this change.

Coding & Robotics

Why LEGO Education? LEGO is a global brand that every student has experienced. When students see LEGO in the classroom their motivation, enthusiasm and enjoyment levels increase. The latest research by a Harris Poll has highlighted a need for more hands on activities in the classroom to raise student confidence.

LEGO Education products are exactly what is needed, providing students a vital way into developing curriculum knowledge as well as shaping those important 21st century skills which employers are seeking. ‘Global survey results reveal that lifelong learning starts with confidence, and hands-on lessons support student success.’


What Makes Us Different?

  • Our courses are created BY educators, FOR educators.
  • We use the products you are already using, or plan to use, in the classroom.
  • As educators, we pride ourselves in staying up to date with educational innovations and trends.
  • We are officially certified by the partners we work with.

This was invaluable! The information provided means that I am already to jump into using it with my class tomorrow in.  I am looking forward to having my students utilize more hands on resources such as Pages, to bring their knowledge to life. I also found the information to make a portfolio that would follow along with students with their lifetimes useful. Really wonderful.  Many thanks.


I will now use numbers! I must admit that I’ve never felt it was useful for more than graphs. This session showed how students can demonstrate their learning in so many ways using this app. Using the rubric of the 5 elements of learning will assist me to be intentional about giving the students more agency in their learning; it will challenge me to frame my lessons using higher level questions and therefore the students will be challenged to use higher order thinking.


This will be really useful supporting students with learning difficulties under learning support.


It was very interesting to see Pages and Nearpod used to enhance student engagement and learning. The resources and, for lack of a better word, tips and tricks, were the most helpful.


As an administrator, I’ll encourage my teachers to use those applications, to have workshops for them to learn how to use it effectively in class with their students  and also for my work, I can benefit a lot from using these applications which will return on a great benefit for my students.


This will help extend lesson planning to try and incorporate the 5 Elements of Learning more, and to take a deeper look into lesson planning. Focus more on thinking about lesson engagement and how this can be achieved with the iPad to rather use the iPad and native apps to enhance student learning, rather than a tool to simply use in lessons.


I would like to use these Clips for instructional videos for children with the strong visual cues and audio options to enable greater engagement.


I definitely will be implementing the tools and tricks I learned in this training, especially the app Nearpod, Pages, IXL and Seesaw.


I’ll implement the Apple Classroom App immediately!