Robert Widger

Director of LEGO Learning & Robotics Specialist

Director of LEGO Learning

LEGO Education Certified Trainer

LEGO Education Certified Trainer

20+ years of experience LEGO & Robotics

Apple Professional Learning Specialist


Currently Rob is the Director of LEGO Learning and Robotics specialist. Rob worked at ATLAB as their Head of Training and STEM Academy.  He developed a teacher trainer programme across the GCC for Robotics as well as managing the ATLAB STEM Academy Programme supporting a team of 14 teachers.

Previously he spent 10 years with LEGO Education as a Master Trainer in their Academy where he supported Ministries, LEGO Partners, teachers and students from around the world with his experience of implementing LEGO Education products into the classroom.  He was also involved heavily in developing the MINDSTORMS EV3 face to face training material and well creating eLearning material for EV3.  Before LEGO Education he was an ICT consultant for a local authority in the UK but started his career as an elementary teacher where he regularly used LEGO products in with his students.

Rob is currently a LEGO Education Certified Trainer as well as being a Master Trainer for Tetrix Robotics and a certified trainer by ACTVET. Rob has over 20 years of experience in Education including teacher, training and product development.